The milk processing factory Sakarela OOD is established in 1998. Since the very beginning, the factory’s products become the preferred products thanks to their taste and quality resulting from the first quality raw materials obtained at first class farms. At the same time, Sakarela OOD is one of the very few dairy farms authorized to export products in 2003, with European Commission’s decision 97/252/СЕ.

At present, Sakarela OOD is the biggest milk processing factory in the region of Yambol.

The factory manufactures: cow milk yellow cheese “Sakarela”, yellow cheese “Diana”, melted yellow cheese, low fat yellow cheese “Zdrave”, cow milk yellow cheese with Bulgarian spices, cow milk yellow cheese with olives, cow milk yellow cheese with ham, white brined cheese “Grandpa’s Cheese”, cow milk cheese “Diana”, delicacy product “Sakarela”, cow milk butter and cottage cheese of first class raw materials obtained at model farms.

As a result of the target and strict compliance with the objectives set and the long-term strategy for purchase of raw milk, the factory processes about 40% more raw materials than the biggest competitor within the region. Thus, the total amount of products manufactured at the factory under the highest production capacity, is the same percent higher in comparison to the biggest competitor.

Currently, the sales of Sakarela products comprise more than 95% of the country’s territory. The market share of the company exceeds 19% of all sales of cheese products in Bulgaria, which is significant percentage of sales in comparison with the presence of more than 170 dairy factories countrywide.
Sakarela OOD exports its products to most of the EU member-states.

Sakarela OOD maintains perfect business relations with its clients across the country and the European Union due to the excellent correctness and rapid delivery of goods.

On January 21, 2021, the company received financial assistance provided by the State Fund “Agriculture” in the amount of 6031.80 / six thousand thirty-one levs 80 st. / for the implementation of Measure 21 “Extraordinary temporary support for farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises that are particularly affected by crisis caused by COVID-19. ”